Navigating The Texas Forex Market: Strategies For Success

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Navigating The Texas Forex Market: Strategies For Success – Remember: If you do nothing, those speculators who think they have to trade day in and day out are laying the foundation for your next venture. You will reap benefits from their mistakes. Speculation is much too exciting. Most people who speculate keep brokerage offices or receive frequent phone calls, and after the business day they talk markets with friends at all meetings. The ticker or Translux is always in mind. They are so impressed with the small ups and downs that they miss the big moves. Almost always, the vast majority have commitments on the wrong side when the broad trend is moving. ~Jesse Livermore

We talk bull volatile regime and topping processes, bond business, a sell signal, cheap oil and gas plays, plus more…

Navigating The Texas Forex Market: Strategies For Success

Navigating The Texas Forex Market: Strategies For Success

1.The SPX is in a bull volatile regime. As its name suggests, BullV regimes are characterized by higher volatility than Bull Quiets. A Bull Volatile is also a prerequisite for a big top. Last week’s action is indicative of this market regime.

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2.The 3m / 1m VIX curve predicted from last week’s dip (bottom right chart). But as I wrote recently on these pages, market insiders remain supportive of the broader upward trend. We do not yet see any sustained negative divergences. In things like Cyclical vs. Defensive (green line on top right diagram) are positively diverging higher. This is not what you see on a large top.

3.This does not mean that the market cannot/will not sell from here. We are in a Bull Volatile regime so greater downside and choppy action is the norm. Plus, our weekly Nervous & Numb indicator triggered a sell signal last week (red shade). This indicator measures the relative movements between the market and the VIX. This indicator also shows greater volatility and tends to have a long lead on larger tops.

4.Trend fragility continues around the 80% level. This is high but not the 90% required for a big sell signal (although we don’t always get one before a big top).

My general reading is that the market is in the early stages of setting a wider top. But I expect this to play out in the coming weeks, with increased volatility and the market at least re-examining recent highs or, more likely, making new ones.

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5.I have written about the bearish bond landscape for the past month, where things have played out as expected. But the narrative pendulum has swung far in the past few months

And I believe bonds will set a bigger bottom, although ideally I see a bearish fall below recent support (horizontal line below).

6. Our yield leads don’t say much at the moment because they are mostly inline with yields. I would expect these to begin to diverge negatively (signaling lower yields) sometime over the next month.Subscribe

Navigating The Texas Forex Market: Strategies For Success

7.Spec positioning is fully on the short side in 2s, 5s, and the DXY. I expect there will be some nice longs here in the fall.

Commonly Asked Questions From Beginning Traders. Helpful Tips For New Traders

8. Last week I pointed out the big bearish fall on the monthly chart of EURUSD. Not only do the long-term technicals look weak, but speculators are long overstocked (+90% for major and minor specs), while its yield spread oscillator is lower.

9.If we get a move back into this red zone, followed by a daily decline, I would look to get short.

10.Here is a heat map of returns and market regimes for US markets and sectors. Energy continues to show the most robust strength and momentum across multiple time frames.

11.And despite the big move we’ve seen in energy stocks over the past two years, they’re still incredibly cheap on an absolute and relative value basis (chart via BofA).

Wti Crude Oil And Natural Gas Fan Fears Of Another Round Of Inflation

12.A service company I am looking at is ACDC HQ here in Texas. The stock trades at a forward PE of 4x and appears to have a hard price floor at the $11 level (chart is a month).

No strong feelings on the name yet as I’m just starting to look at it. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this.

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Navigating The Texas Forex Market: Strategies For Success

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All cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and are specifically used to collect user personal data via analytics, advertisements, other embedded content are referred to as non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to obtain user consent before running these cookies on your website. Good morning traders, when you start trading in the global financial markets, one of the most important challenges when you try to move quickly is to navigate around your broker trading platform like the ACY Securities Metatrader 4 system understanding the news and comments from key analysts like myself, about which pair we are talking about and how to find it quickly. So let’s start with something very useful and that is to understand what are the major FX pairs, what are the cross pairs that are important in Forex trading? What are the commodities that are generally the big movers and present many trading opportunities. We will talk about some abbreviations that you also need to know. So let’s start with those FX majors. What are the FX Majors for which we have the Euro Dollar? The Euro Dollar is the most traded instrument in the world.

Now, Euro Dollar quoted as EURUSD, often called Euro Dollar is a very big proxy for risk trading, but we will not go too deep into how it moves and what changes the price level of the Euro Dollar. Just understand first that it’s at the top end of your FX majors. The next one is hot. It is the cable or the GBP, the British pound against the US dollar. Remember, some key shortcuts here. First, the US dollar can be called the greenback because the bills are green and the sterling against the US dollar can often be called the cable because in the old days cable messages were sent from London to New York. That’s how GBP was traded against the USD, so that’s definitely number two. Number three is dollar yen. Quite obviously, it’s the US dollar versus the Japanese yen. The Japanese yen is a monster.

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It is a very heavily traded pair and a very popular pair among FX day traders also because it moves in decent trading ranges. More often than not. Pairing it with the US Dollar makes it a very heavily traded FX Major Dollar Yen. The Swiss or what is known as the Swiss is the US Dollar versus the Swiss Franc. How do you find that. It is USD. CHF. Swiss Franc is of course CHF. Now if we talk about the Swiss franc and the US dollar pairing, the Swiss dollar is known as Swissy, this is often a trade played when there is a risk of risk of bias in the market because the yen and the Swiss franc are very large safe haven currencies, so just wanted to check that off at the same time that the Swiss, the Swiss franc and the Japanese yen, a very large safe haven asset. Those are your big ones for the dollar CAD but is the next dollar CAD is the US dollar versus the Canadian dollar or the CAD.

OK. It is often known as the Looney based on the coin being a Loon, so Dollar CAD or the Loony is another interesting pair where you measure the US Dollar against one of the commodity currencies. The other two really big commodity currencies are the Aussie dollar and the Kiwi dollar. So first, let’s look at the Aussie US, the Aussie versus the US or the AUD versus the USD is often called the Aussie for obvious reasons because so many key pairs end up with the dollar like the Aussie, the Kiwi in the CAD . That’s why they’re abbreviated to Aussie so we know which dollar we’re talking about. Our local currency here in Australia, the AUDUSD is known as the Aussie. The kiwi has exactly the same principle, so

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