Navigating Montreal’s Financial Markets: Forex Trading And Mining Tips

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Navigating Montreal’s Financial Markets: Forex Trading And Mining Tips – BMO Bank of Montreal Banking in Canada is facing unprecedented challenges amid technological advances and increasing consumer demands. However, with this change comes new opportunities

Montreal, Canada. Canadian banking customers demand increased convenience, customization and control. These changes have evolved over time to massively reshape the financial sector&nbsp

Navigating Montreal’s Financial Markets: Forex Trading And Mining Tips

Navigating Montreal's Financial Markets: Forex Trading And Mining Tips

Canada’s banking sector is becoming increasingly complex. Driven by advances in technology and increasingly knowledgeable and sophisticated consumers, customers demand convenience, customization and control. To stay operational, banks need to continuously upgrade their existing platforms. Instead, they need to develop new capabilities that enable customers to bank quickly, efficiently, and on their own time.

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These changes have evolved over time to massively reshape the financial sector. In fact, the most successful businesses in this fast-paced environment are challenging their preconceptions about what banking will look like in the future.

In an effort to anticipate the changing needs of its customers, BMO Bank of Montreal is focused on harnessing the power of digital technologies and data. Dev Srinivasan, Head of Canadian Commercial Banking at the bank, spoke

While BMO can be a great partner during times of success and stability, it can be even better when challenging times arise.

As an organization, we are driven by a clear purpose. It raises our focus so we can think beyond transactions, dollars and cents. We seek opportunities to make the greatest impact for our clients and the communities in which we operate. We challenge them to come up with bold solutions to help them thrive in a competitive market.

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As the banking environment changes, we focus on providing a better experience. We push ourselves to look at our clients’ businesses through a new lens and make decisions with new objectives. It is an approach that instills trust, confidence and loyalty in our customers.

Some examples of how we do this include small business loan approvals in under 30 minutes and mobile device capabilities, wire transfers and automated risk monitoring, allowing us to serve our clients more time.

While the technological advancements discussed earlier are market leading, they are also the result of our focus on being the market leader in customer loyalty. We succeed in this area by first understanding what our clients’ needs are and bringing the full power of BMO to every interaction.

Navigating Montreal's Financial Markets: Forex Trading And Mining Tips

We aim to build thoughtful relationships with our clients, and we constantly review projects and work with them to ensure we are aligned with their strategic needs. While we work as a great partner during times of success and stability, we do even better when challenging times arise. I believe that challenging times are when it comes to proving your worth as a banker.

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You have talked about digital technology and the power of data. How is technology changing the way you serve customers?

It’s important to recognize that all businesses – including our customers – face the same challenges and opportunities as we do when it comes to technology and change. At BMO, we see technology as a win-win for our clients and our company. Externally, technology gives customers more choices. For example, online and mobile banking provides more choice about when, where, and how to bank for businesses located outside urban areas or with multiple locations or operating outside of traditional business hours.

Technology makes our customers’ lives easier and helps them work more efficiently. We look to digitization to improve personal service through mobile features like faster bill payments and biometric authentication.

Internally, we are digitally transforming the bank and improving the way we operate. This means employees spend less time on administrative and processing tasks and more time with customers. And, with advanced analytics, we can more accurately assess and predict risk. This enables us to customize solutions to individual needs and ensures that our risk appetite is aligned.

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The BMO approach to performance is holistic: creating value from data, simplifying processes and exploring the role of automation in helping teams deliver high performance. By finding new ways to work together, we build customer loyalty and accelerate growth.

Focusing on key areas, how do small businesses fit into your overall strategy for commercial banking?

In Canada, small businesses employ more than 70 percent of the total private labor force, while small to medium-sized businesses contribute approximately 41 percent of Canada’s GDP. You can’t have a commercial banking strategy without including small business.

Navigating Montreal's Financial Markets: Forex Trading And Mining Tips

We have made great progress in the last two years by focusing on this segment. For example, we realized that for many small businesses, speed and simplicity are at a premium. In response, our strategy has evolved to serve businesses small and large, and we’ve dramatically simplified processes and products that make sense.

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Small businesses employ 70% of Canada’s SME sector workforce and contribute 41% to Canada’s GDP

For example, we launched a new suite of small business banking MasterCard products that have been well received by our customers, enabling small business loan approvals within 30 minutes. The number of new customers we acquired increased by 30 percent over the previous year.

While speed and efficiency are important for large clients, the ability to structure complex liquidity-based transactions is becoming increasingly important in this segment. Additionally, the cash management solutions needed to properly support these customers are equally complex.

For us, leadership in this space is driven by a high-touch, team-based, personalized approach to customer service. This approach has resonated with our clients as we are able to close deals where our competitors often struggle. This helps our clients to accelerate their growth and strengthen their business.

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We serve clients across all industries and specialize in areas where our clients value deep expertise. In healthcare, for example, knowledge of the industry is invaluable when structuring credit and providing advice. Combined with BMO’s suite of products and services, the experts are plucked directly from the industry to create a truly differentiated, value-added offering for our clients in this space.

We are an industry leader in providing customized financial solutions to Canadian farmers. We have agricultural banking experts who are focused on understanding the challenges of this industry, including its cyclical nature and the need for convenient, affordable and adaptable financial banking solutions.

BMO is making a particularly strong push toward a key, growing segment: women entrepreneurs. The sector now accounts for more than half of all new small-business start-ups in Canada. We are the bank for women in business; We’re one year into a $3bn commitment to support women entrepreneurs. So far, we are ahead in this project. By giving women more of the bank’s balance sheet, they can invest in their businesses, expand their operations, create more jobs for Canadians, and give them more certainty in terms of credit.

Navigating Montreal's Financial Markets: Forex Trading And Mining Tips

Although the industries women entrepreneurs enter vary, our approach focuses on understanding their unique needs from the perspective of the traditionally male-dominated banking industry. This message and our approach has definitely resonated in the market.

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The commercial banking sector in Canada is highly competitive; We face competition from traditional and non-traditional businesses. While traditional players continue to invest in innovative customer service technology, non-traditional competitors are gaining momentum and deepening interactions with our customers. We plan to continue our leadership in customer experience as this is an area where we have built our brand and strength in the past. Customers expect BMO to continue to define what the banking customer experience should be.

Furthermore, we are committed to expanding our advisory sales force and targeting opportunities across geographies, market segments and industry sectors, particularly in high-value sectors and businesses. We are leaders in many industries; Where we are not, we want to achieve leadership. We believe we have the value proposition to achieve our aspirations. This website uses cookies to collect usage information to provide a better browsing experience. By browsing this site or clicking the “Accept Cookies” button you accept our cookie policy.

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