Long-term Investment Strategies For Effortless Forex Profit In San Francisco


Long-term Investment Strategies For Effortless Forex Profit In San Francisco – How to 10X Forex Profits without increasing your risk and even make money on a demo account.

Many Forex traders know that they can make decent profits, but most do not have enough capital to start their own trading business. The 10X FX Profit™ framework is perfect for those who want to make more money without risking too much of their capital. This is the easiest way to earn a decent income from Forex trading if you don’t have enough money, but you know how to trade profitably.

Long-term Investment Strategies For Effortless Forex Profit In San Francisco

Long-term Investment Strategies For Effortless Forex Profit In San Francisco

The 10X FX Profit™ Framework is a simple yet powerful system that allows you to manage multiple accounts of your friends, clients, or family members, earn money for them on autopilot, and take 20% of the profits as your fee. will allow This way, you will not only be able to increase your income tenfold or more, but also help others achieve their financial dreams!

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Before we begin, here’s my story quickly, so you know how I got to where I am today.

It wasn’t until 2008 that I discovered Forex trading and, as soon as I did, I was sure that I would become a millionaire in no time! We’ve all been there, right?

Of course, it didn’t turn out that way. I had to go through those early teething problems where everything seems to go wrong no matter what you do.

You go long on a currency pair, and the price starts to drop, so you go short instead, but the price immediately goes up. I still laugh looking back at those days and remembering all the mistakes I made. But of course, what I quickly learned is that you don’t become a millionaire just because you discovered Forex trading.

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When I came to MetaTrader 4 in 2009, I discovered that I could very quickly use my coding skills to create hundreds of EAs and indicators for myself and my clients.

Around this time, I managed to develop a profitable trading strategy I called Daily-F and even doubled my demo account in just nine months. Because it was just a demo account, I didn’t make any money for myself, but I was making a lot of money for other people – and, yes, I got a share of it.

So even though my demo account was making zero real dollars, I was getting 20% ​​of the profits from that client, which works out to $14,000.

Long-term Investment Strategies For Effortless Forex Profit In San Francisco

At the same time, I was also trading for many smaller accounts and making hundreds of dollars a month because, at one point, over a hundred people were covering my trades.

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I tell this whole story in my book, so if you’re interested in reading about it, go to Amazon and search for “How to Start Your Own Forex Signal Service”.

I want to start by sharing this epic quote from Zig Ziglar because it sums up the core concept of this approach. He once said:

“You can get everything you want in life if you only help others get what they want.”

The point is, if you can help other people, you will reap the rewards. To me this is a great message. I am sure if you can understand this you will go far in forex trading or anything else. Moreover, this is close to the whole idea behind my 10 FX Profits™ framework.

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The 10 FX Profits™ framework is all about growing trading accounts for other people, not just for yourself.

10 The math behind the FX Profits™ framework is not that difficult to understand. Let me take you through it quickly so you can understand the basics.

Suppose you have developed a profitable trading strategy on your demo forex account. There are many traders who are at this stage. You’re honing your system, and you’ve got your indicators and timeframes working, and your demo account is reliably profitable. But what next?

Long-term Investment Strategies For Effortless Forex Profit In San Francisco

Most traders get stuck there, and even if they start trading in a real account with some of their money, they don’t go beyond making a few bucks month after month.

How To 10x Forex Profits Without Increasing Your Risk

Well, let’s say you upgrade your demo account and start trading a $1,000 account. And say you can regularly add 10% to your account. By the way, it’s worth taking a minute here to point out that 10% is a great result! If you are growing your account by 10% per month, you can double it in a year! Especially if you can do it regularly.

Even so, 10% of your $1,000 account is only a hundred bucks. That’s not bad, but it leaves you with a long way to go before your trading becomes more profitable. Pretty soon, you’re going to ask yourself if all the time, skill, and effort you put into developing your trading strategy was worth it. Is spending hours or days researching and testing this new indicator the best use of your time if your profit at the end of the month is only $100?

Most traders on this journey stop there and look for something else – they go back to their daily routine. But there is another way.

If you start managing other accounts using your tried and tested 10% approach, you can quickly make some serious money.

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For example, if you manage 10 accounts, with an average value of $5,000, you suddenly have a $50,000 fund to work with. Suddenly, your 10% profit is $5,000 at the end of the month. If your share is 20%, your income is $1,000. It doesn’t matter if you are managing 5 accounts, each worth $10,000 or 50 accounts, each worth $2,000, you can build. Money for all of this, and in return you will be paid a performance fee.

And the beauty of it is that you’re not doing any different than you were when you only had $100 in income.

You have increased your original profit by 10 times! And this is not the limit. There is no limit. You can increase your profits up to 10X or 100X.

Long-term Investment Strategies For Effortless Forex Profit In San Francisco

You don’t need to learn new trading skills or develop a whole new trading strategy. You can use all the knowledge you’ve already learned but apply it in a new way, and there’s no limit to how high you can take your profits.

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In some countries, you may need a license to manage other people’s money. You can start trading for close family members like brothers and sisters or even your parents, and I don’t think you need a license to do that. But, like I said, this isn’t legal advice, so you’ll have to check the situation in your own country or jurisdiction. I want to be 100% open with you about one of the potential obstacles that may come your way.

If it happens that managing other people’s money is not legal or a “grey zone” in your country, you’ll love the Forex Income Multiplier™ framework, which gives you the same 10% monthly growth. Helps to earn tons of money. .

And that’s a good question. The fact is, if you’ve tried to do it manually, you already know that it’s impossible. The moment you start entering a trade on one account, you are already delaying clicking on another account and opening the same trade. You’ve already been losing money on this second account for a while.

If you want to run multiple trades on more than just two accounts and you want to calculate position sizes for all trades individually because each account is a different size… well, there is no way to do that. It takes a lot of time to do this, even on a couple of accounts, and the price gap that opens up will eat into your profits with every trade.

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If this is your method for managing multiple accounts, stop immediately. You are wasting your time and your customers’ time.

The good news is that there is another way. A much better way! I call this FX Account Cloning™ Setup.

You can easily trade your master account and place your trades in five, ten, twenty, or more client accounts without clicking tens of buy or sell buttons and calculating multiple position sizes under pressure. can.

Long-term Investment Strategies For Effortless Forex Profit In San Francisco

So in the following diagram, you can see how it works. The master account is in the middle. This is the main account you are trading from, and it controls the entire network. Surrounding this master account are client accounts that reflect your trades and you can preset them with position sizes.

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So if you are not yet seeing the benefits of this setup, it allows you to automatically clone your Forex profits to many other accounts. It does this almost instantly, and it doesn’t even take that long to set up! So now, the profit you make.

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