Unveiling Montreal’s Money-making Potential: Forex Trading And Mining Guide

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Unveiling Montreal’s Money-making Potential: Forex Trading And Mining Guide – Downtown Montreal will once again become a construction zone this summer, and some businesses are worried they will see fewer customers.

Downtown Montreal will once again become a construction zone this summer, and some businesses are worried about the losses. ()

Unveiling Montreal’s Money-making Potential: Forex Trading And Mining Guide

Unveiling Montreal's Money-making Potential: Forex Trading And Mining Guide

Downtown Montreal will once again be a construction zone this summer as a second project begins on Sainte-Catherine Street West. But the city says it has plans to keep businesses open.

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Work will be carried out along Mansfield and Peel streets and will be completed by 2025.

According to Luc Rabouin, the city’s committee member for economic and business development, the plan is to widen sidewalks, add greenery and change underground water pipes.

The city will offer $5,000 to affected businesses on top of its relief program that offers up to $40,000 to companies that are found to be losing money.

But some businesses are concerned that people won’t come into their stores, putting more pressure on commission-dependent workers, said Steve Madden manager Sylvana Harvey.

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“It’s a little stressful to be honest,” he said, adding that people who work at the store may see their work hours reduced.

Harvey says even the money the city provides is not enough to cover the losses for many businesses in his area, as many can make $40,000 a week.

Cameron Lee, assistant manager of Lids on Sainte-Catherine Street, says he’s used to Montreal’s construction. According to him, it will become more difficult to go to work and tourists may be forced to shop in the city. And most of Lids’ customers are tourists, he says.

Unveiling Montreal's Money-making Potential: Forex Trading And Mining Guide

“You know, big corporations like that, it’s going to be good. It can be difficult for small stores like gift shops. “Retail Insider’s Craig Patterson said about his recent trip to see the shops in Montreal. The conversation with Lee includes information about what to see in the city including the places on Ste-Catherine Street as well as the amazing restaurants in the city. Craig also visited the Royalmount project which will open next year, and toured other areas including the city’s Gay Village.

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Welcome to this week’s episode of “The Weekly” by Retail Insider. I’m Lee Rivett and I’m joined by the owner and publisher of Retail Insider Media, Craig Patterson, to discuss this week’s most popular articles. So thanks for joining me, Craig!

Now Craig and I have been traveling for the past two weeks. I’m in a third world country where there isn’t a lot of traffic – so I’m not ready for this story. But Craig went to Montreal and was able to visit some of the markets where we want to cover this podcast. So Craig, where do you want to start?

Yes, yes. So hello everyone. I had a little trip to Montreal. I was there. I was there for a few days. And it was very mixed. I was so impressed with some of the things I saw that I went to visit Ste. Catherine Street, I went to visit the Carbonleo managers of the Royalmount project. And I’ll also look at some local areas. So we were able to do a quick little run through some of the sights in Montreal, which was a wonderful time because the weather was great.

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Very good. Well, let’s start with Ste. Catherine Street. And for the information of our listeners, there are two photo tours of Ste. Catherine Street in Montreal about a year ago. So if you need a photo reference or map of the area we’re talking about, I’ll include it in the show notes. But, Craig, tell us about where you were and how you thought about hanging Catherine Street?

Yes, yes, I lived in a very nice home near Holt Renfrew Ogilvy, on the west side of the main shopping strip of Ste. Catherine Street. So I walked up and down Ste. Catherine Street is sometimes (this is Ste. Catherine Street West) one of the non-banks, which is a little worrying, but there are many shopping places on the street. I got to do a tour with Maxine for Shad, who is a wonderful Montreal reporter and Retail Insider, and she points out some of the retailers that have closed recently, including, I think, an Aldo store that closed the day before. when we went for that walk. Because of the nature of the little bit. I mean, this is an opportunity for new traders to come into Ste. Catherine Street. But at the same time, I was called Eva Freed in the Montreal Gazette on social media and pointed out that there is a block near the Holt Renfrew Ogilvy, I think there is only one business on it , the rest are closed. down. Yes, it is true, some new tenants should be installed in different areas of Ste. Catherine Street. One of the reasons for that is that as construction continues, many years of street improvements will include new public land. What is seen at this time is very good for plans and finished things. But this causes problems in the street.

And there is a lot of construction going on there. Is it going as expected, are there any problems with the build?

Unveiling Montreal's Money-making Potential: Forex Trading And Mining Guide

The construction is not quite like what was originally thought to heat the sidewalks and waste that is absorbed into the ground, which is done by technology. I think the city for budget reasons ended up not spending all that money, which, in my opinion, is really bad because this is the future of Montreal that is at stake here. But unfortunately, the economy has to come in without the end of money.

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Yes, I met a group of Marines. Amazing people there. We looked at Peel Street and what was there. And they have a retail space for lease that used to be occupied by an American Eagle store.

Peel Street, it’s going to be great. The Grand Prix is ​​coming up in a few weeks and will close. They are starting to prepare for things. Well, Peel Street is home to the jewelry store, Mejuri, which recently opened on Peel Street, which is an inspiration. Next to the Harry Rosen store. And I believe I spoke with Sheldon Mintzberg of Marine Group explaining how some of the work that will be done on Peel Street will end up with part of the street included in the regulations for the trees and improving landscaping. It looks so beautiful. So I’m excited about the world at large. I think Montreal does a better job than Toronto with its wider empire. And the same thing with Vancouver that works better. Peel Street is coming into its own.

Awesome. And I think you went to a couple of restaurants if I’m not mistaken.

I had a chance with Maxime to check out some restaurants. We went to the restaurant “Time Out” in the Montreal Eaton Center. The playing is technical music that is very busy and dynamic. There were many people there. We had a very good meal. I had this Portuguese chicken caesar salad and she had a Portuguese chicken poutine though, which was great. I forget the name of the place we went. But we also had to check out (I was full by then. I couldn’t eat more) the dining experience at Place Ville Marie, which was like a huge techno party as it was a Thursday night. something that happens every week, I guess the weather will get better. So it’s great to see the C2 conference going on so many people are in Montreal this week. And we checked out the restaurant called Le Central which looks like forever. The shops are not as dressed as you would say the other two restaurants but the restaurants from the city have been, however, everything is very beautiful. I really enjoyed the vibrancy of downtown Montreal in its restaurants.

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Close to Holt Renfrew Ogilvy. I checked out some of the shopping there Rue

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