San Francisco Swing Traders: Easy Profit In The Forex Market

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San Francisco Swing Traders: Easy Profit In The Forex Market – If you are an aspiring trader looking for opportunities to build a successful trading career, Hungary-based prop trading firm True Forex Funds may attract your attention. With its excellent range, True Forex Funds offers traders with little capital access to large trading capital that opens the door to potential growth and profitability.

In this comprehensive review of True Forex Funds, we analyze the platform to help you decide if it is worth your investment. Read on to learn more about their offers, benefits and financing process.

San Francisco Swing Traders: Easy Profit In The Forex Market

San Francisco Swing Traders: Easy Profit In The Forex Market

True Forex Funds is a trading firm headquartered in Hungary that specializes in providing talented traders with additional trading capital. Designed to support traders without equity, True Forex Funds offers a unique opportunity to access funding and improve trading performance.

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Focused on empowering traders through financial support and growth opportunities, True Forex Funds stands as a trusted support trading firm in the Forex market.

Real Forex funds provide talented forex traders with the opportunity to acquire large amounts of capital and advance their trading careers. The firm follows a structured evaluation program consisting of two phases.

At the initial stage, traders engage in the evaluation process by implementing certain trading objectives. The main goal is to achieve the 8% total profit target, which allows traders to demonstrate their trading skills.

After successful completion of Phase 1, traders move on to Phase 2, bringing them closer to becoming a funded trader. The target profit for this stage is set at 5%.

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After successfully completing both stages of the evaluation process, users become funded stock traders and gain access to True Forex Funds’ large capital as funded traders. According to the profit sharing agreement, traders keep 80% of their trading profits, and the remaining 20% ​​goes to the company.

As a funded trader, there is no minimum trading days requirement, giving traders the freedom to adapt their forex trading style without the pressure of a time limit. However, the daily loss limit of 5% and total loss limit of 10% will remain.

The registration fee paid in step 1 is refundable, giving traders an additional benefit towards becoming a funded trader.

San Francisco Swing Traders: Easy Profit In The Forex Market

The evaluation process is very simple, traders worldwide can sign up using credit/debit card payments or cryptocurrency.

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Real Forex funds provide talented traders with a great opportunity to build large capital and advance their trading careers. With a profit-sharing model, multiple trading platforms and a comprehensive evaluation process, the firm offers transparency and support for traders.

Prospective traders can benefit from profit sharing, the availability of different platforms and the opportunity to grow as a consistent trader. Click here to learn more about Real Forex Funds and whether it might suit your trading goals.

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