Profitable Choices: Forex Trading And Mining Tips For Coventry Investors

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Profitable Choices: Forex Trading And Mining Tips For Coventry Investors – Forex options are a relative unknown in the retail currency world. Although some brokers offer this option for spot trading, most do not. Unfortunately, this means investors are missing out.

FX options can be a great way to diversify and hedge an investor’s position. Or they can be used to estimate long- or short-term market outlooks rather than trading in a spot market.

Profitable Choices: Forex Trading And Mining Tips For Coventry Investors

Profitable Choices: Forex Trading And Mining Tips For Coventry Investors

Setting up trades in currency options is actually very similar to doing so in equity options. Leaving complex models and math aside, let’s look at some basic FX option setups used by both beginners and experienced traders.

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Basic options strategies always start with vanilla options. This strategy is the simplest and easiest trade, where the trader places an option by directly buying a call or expressing a directional view of the foreign exchange rate.

When it comes to FX options, placing an open or short option position is one of the easiest strategies.

The AUD/USD chart shows a double edge suitable for a put option. Image by Sabrina Jiang © 2020

Looking at the chart above, we can see resistance below the 1.0200 AUD/USD exchange rate in early February 2011. We confirmed this with a technical double high formation. This is an excellent time for alternative selection. An FX trader looking to short the Australian dollar against the US dollar buys a plain vanilla option below.

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The profit potential of this business is endless. But in this case, the trade should be prepared to exit at 0.9950: the next highest support block for a maximum profit of 250 pips.

In addition to plain vanilla option trading, an FX trader can also create leveraged trades. Preferred by traders, spread trades tend to be a little more complicated but simpler in practice.

The first of these spread trades is the debit spread, also known as a bull call or bear. Here, the trader is confident in the direction of the exchange rate, but wants to play a bit safer (with less risk).

Profitable Choices: Forex Trading And Mining Tips For Coventry Investors

In the chart below, we see a support level of 81.65 in the USD/JPY exchange rate in early March 2011.

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This is a great opportunity to place a bull call spread because the price level will find some support and breakout. This is what applying a bull call debit spread looks like.

If the USD/JPY exchange rate exceeds 82.50, the trade will be profitable by 52 pips (100 pips – 48 pips (net debit) = 52 pips).

The premium on the spread side while maintaining a trading direction. This strategy is sometimes called a bull or bear call spread.

With support at 81.65 and a bullish trend in the US dollar against the Japanese yen, a trader can implement a bullish strategy to capture any upside potential in the currency. Therefore, the business is divided as follows:

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As anyone can see, this is a good strategy to implement when the trader is stuck in a bear market. Not only is the trader earning a premium from the option, but they avoid using any real money to execute it.

So, what happens if the trader is neutral with the currency, but expects a change in short-term volatility? Similar to comparable equity options plays, currency traders construct an option straddle strategy. These are the best trades for an FX portfolio to catch a breakout move or to stop the exchange rate at a standstill.

It is a little easier to set up compared to a credit or debit spread business. In his sleep, the merchant knows that he will break, but the direction is not clear. In this case, it is better to buy both a call and a put to catch the flash.

Profitable Choices: Forex Trading And Mining Tips For Coventry Investors

USD/JPY volatility in February 2011 offers a nice upside potential. Image by Sabrina Jiang © 2020

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The USD/JPY exchange rate shown above dropped to 82.00 in February and remained in the 50-pip range for the next two sessions. Will the spot rate continue to be low? Or is this consolidation coming before a higher move? Since we don’t know, the best option is to use a straddle similar to the one below.

It is very important that the strike price and the expiration time are the same. If they are different, this will increase the value of the business and reduce the possibility of a profitable setup.

The potential profits are endless – the same as the vanilla option. The difference is that one of the options ends up being worthless and the other can be sold for a profit. In our example, the put option ends up worthless (-45 pips), while the price of our call option increases as the position moves below 83.50 – giving us a net profit of 55 pips (150 pips profit – 95 pips option premium = 55). Pips).

Forex options are a great tool for trading and investing. Not only can an investor use a plain vanilla call or put to hedge, but they can also make speculative spread trades when the market is trending. However you use them, currency options are another versatile tool for forex traders.

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Profitable Choices: Forex Trading And Mining Tips For Coventry Investors

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Profitable Choices: Forex Trading And Mining Tips For Coventry Investors

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