Montreal’s Wealth-building Arsenal: Forex Trading And Mining Strategies

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Montreal’s Wealth-building Arsenal: Forex Trading And Mining Strategies – After watching an awful lot of zombie movies and TV shows over the years, I’ve often wondered what I would do if a true zombie apocalypse broke out in Montreal. Don’t lie, you’ve probably thought about it too.

After thinking about what I would do and where I would hide, I began to realize that Montreal is probably the best place in the world to survive a zombie colony.

Montreal’s Wealth-building Arsenal: Forex Trading And Mining Strategies

Montreal's Wealth-building Arsenal: Forex Trading And Mining Strategies

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to find out why Montreal is the best place to survive a zombie apocalypse:

Montreal Is The Best Place In The World To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

We’re surrounded by water, so if we somehow manage to contain or even defeat the zombies already here (totally so), we can easily prevent more zombies and infected people from entering. Use a couple of trucks to block the bridges, one guy at the airport to shoot anyone trying to land and we’re good. Montreal is the perfect place to wait for this whole thing to work out.

Most of Montreal is on a slope, and even if it’s just a small slope, it’s enough to encourage all the zombies to naturally walk downhill and away from Mount Royal. All we have to do is go uphill, take over a few mansions, block a few roads, and the zombies are screwed. And if the zombies somehow take over the surface, we still have an underground city and subway tunnel to build our new society. And if all else fails, we have the old army fort on top of the hill.

Because Canada has the most restaurants per capita, we have the most food. While much of the food will rot and go to waste, there will also be a ton of canned goods as well as grains, drinks, and canned goods. We’ll manage for a while and when it’s over, we can go ride the shipping containers of the old port.

Sharpen the hockey stick and you have a pretty decent zombie breaker (everyone has a hockey stick, and if you don’t, your dead zombie neighbor has one). Loot into any of Montreal’s many restaurants and you’ll not only have food, but a stash of knives and kitchen tools that make great weapons.

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Our arsenal or snow removal equipment is second to none. And snow plows are also great for plowing the living crap out of zombie hoards. You can just grab one of those giant shovel trucks and tear through the crowd. And if you’re a really devious person, you can drive a snowblower truck and tear those zombies to shreds while spraying the remaining zombies with the blood and guts of their friends. If all else fails, we’ll use them to shovel all the zombies into the bottom of Decarie and fence it off on either side. Zombies inside.

Plus a mountain, an underground city and a subway system. The streets of Montreal are a great place to fence yourself off. Many blocks in the city center consist of buildings attached to each other without alleys. Pick any block, park a couple of trucks at either end of the street and you have the perfect place to start your new civilization.

One thing we have to remember is that we don’t have to survive the zombie apocalypse, we just have to survive the winter. When winter comes, the cold turns all the zombies into freezer-burnt steaks. You can walk freely among them as they cannot move. When spring comes, the freshly digested zombie meat juices just collapse under their own weight. That’s when point #1 and snow removal equipment come into play.

Montreal's Wealth-building Arsenal: Forex Trading And Mining Strategies

With our ethnically diverse population, we have a high chance of finding someone who is genetically immune to the zombie virus, which also means we have a good chance of developing a cure. While no one is immune, a diverse population is perfect for re-settlement of the country.

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Since we’re already ready for winter every year, we’ve got everything you need to make yourself the perfect anti-zombie armor. All you need is a snow suit and duct tape. Put on your costume and cover the outside with 2 layers of tape. Let’s watch those little zombie jaws try to bite through that shit. If you don’t have a snowsuit, you can always put tape over a thick hoodie. (must protect your neck) Now you are ready to hunt the undead.

The only thing more important than survival is keeping your mind fresh. If you’ve given up hope, the zombies will win. To help keep your mind, you need things to remind you of your life before all this happened. So the fact that we have tons of microbreweries, well stocked bars and if we run out we always go to the Molson factory in Longeuil. This means we have access to a huge supply of beer to keep our spirits up during the long boring (no netflix) evenings. We offer our clients 24/7 access to global markets in Geneva, London, Luxembourg, Montreal and Singapore. We strongly invest in providing a proactive, customer-oriented service; and since it is not an investment bank and does not make markets, there are no conflicts of interest.

With our high-quality coverage and full-scale liquidity offer in all key markets, we are the customers’ most important trading partner.

Our flexible range of trading solutions includes electronic trading and direct access to our sales traders, and our global institutional sales teams are available anytime by phone, chat or email whenever the market is open. Clients have access to investment opportunities and expertise in a variety of financial instruments, and we work closely with them to build tactical solutions and customized products.

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Our full range of trading services and products include equities, fixed income, forex and precious metals, mutual funds, structured products and derivatives (OTC and listed):

Our experienced trading teams provide solid equity market expertise and access to the Swiss and European markets through our offices in Geneva, London and Luxembourg. For the American market through our Montreal desk; and to the Asian market from our Singapore counter. Purely as an agent broker, we focus on the sale and implementation of high added value. Natural order flow and block trades are standard, and we offer tracking of company news and breaking news. We also design customized services upon request.

R&M Surveys® and Global Investor Magazine have consistently rated the top five institutions for service quality over the past decade. The Forex desk offers liquidity, active order management and the latest technology for secure transactions. We offer trading in precious metals and freely tradable currencies, and our traders can quote prices for NDF contracts and OTC options on currencies and precious metals with maturities of up to one year.

Montreal's Wealth-building Arsenal: Forex Trading And Mining Strategies

Our fixed income team offers fast execution and pricing guidance in all markets and has a deep understanding of emerging markets and particularly the Swiss market. Investors benefit from our extended network of strictly selected counterparties, which ensures safe trading regardless of the market. The team can also provide market intelligence and/or suggest a wide range of liquidity sources upon request.

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Unlike product-oriented financial institutions, we do not create standard structured product offers. Instead, we are involved throughout the entire planning and implementation process – from concept to final implementation. The Structured Products team can help you define your investment goals across all asset classes by assessing your needs, using a network of premium counterparties and putting decades of experience at your service.

As a member of Eurex, you can reduce the counterparty risk and get privileged access to derivatives trading for all clients in custody facilities. We are also a member of several North American options markets through Overseas Inc. We offer competitive pricing for standardized and OTC derivative products and are ready to make suggestions to our clients on using volatility products to implement specific market insights. *Some of our products are only available to our retained customers – please contact us for more information

Performing macro, technical and quantitative analysis, our team of analysts is dedicated to presenting investment themes and generating tactical ideas designed to complement short-term trading strategies, all built around an established in-house quantitative process that captures significant market signals.

Depending on the position and location of the investor, clients may receive the desk’s regular technical releases and macro commentary and/or participate in conference calls and events.

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In order to improve investor protection and promote transparency in accordance with current laws and regulatory requirements (the European Directives on Markets in Financial Instruments, collectively known as MiFID II), we present below the most important information related to implementation in the UK and Europe. :

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