Innovative Forex Trading Strategies For Singaporean Investors


Innovative Forex Trading Strategies For Singaporean Investors – Gain access to global financial markets by acting quickly and spreading competition. Benefit from institutional funds when trading forex pairs including EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY.

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Innovative Forex Trading Strategies For Singaporean Investors

Innovative Forex Trading Strategies For Singaporean Investors

Money always trades in pairs – one against the other. If one appreciates in value, he does so at the expense of another. If EUR/USD is rising, for example, then the euro is rising against the US dollar.

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If you think the currency will rise in value, you go far or ‘buy’. If you think a currency will decrease in value, you short or ‘sell’. Ready to start selling now? Start with your application.

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Speculate on gold and silver with CFDs, and gain exposure to key metal prices such as the futures or spot market.

Forex is traded through a global network of banks in what is known as an over-the-counter market – unlike stocks and commodities, which are bought and sold on exchanges. Because of this, you can trade forex 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Innovative Forex Trading Strategies For Singaporean Investors

FX trading is divided into four ‘hubs’ in London, Tokyo, New York and Sydney. If the banks in one of these areas are closed, those in the other are open, which facilitates round-the-clock trading.

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However, there is no real place where these banks and people trade. Instead, it is completely online.

People trade money for many different reasons. You have only sold money if you have bought goods abroad, for example, or gone on holiday to another country. However, the majority of FX trading is done for profit.

Money is always moving in price to each other. On any given day, the pound may be rising against the dollar, while the euro falls against the Swiss franc. Forex traders buy and sell currencies on it to try and take advantage of this volatility and get a return.

For example, if the euro is rising against the US dollar, you can buy EUR/USD. When you buy this pair, you are buying euros (EUR) and selling US dollars (USD). Then, if the euro continues to outperform the US dollar, you can sell the pair to exchange your EUR back for USD and keep the difference as a profit.

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The forex market is open for trading 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. This means that with FX, you can build your trading strategy around your schedule, rather than depending on when the stock exchange is open.

However, there are times when the market is most active, and times when it is dormant. To learn the best times to trade forex, read our dedicated page.

Foreign exchange (forex) or FX trading involves trading the prices of international currencies, and on the City Index it is possible to trade the prices of a wide range of international currencies. Currency trading allows you to predict the movement of one currency against another, and is traded in pairs, for example the euro against the American dollar (EUR/USD).

Innovative Forex Trading Strategies For Singaporean Investors

Financial markets are open 24 hours a day. There is no central exchange for trading Forex: instead prices are determined by transactions between banks, the exchange of money between banks regularly, worldwide.

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The money market is much larger than the stock market. The daily value of the global stock market is estimated at more than $6 trillion.

Currency is traded in pairs – this means that you can only trade one currency for another. You cannot sell money on your own. Each currency has its own three letter code, for example, the US Dollar is abbreviated to USD.

If traders are positive on the outlook for the Yen, they would expect the overall rate to drop – meaning the Yen would be strengthening against the Dollar. Traders are buying less Yen and Dollars as the Yen has strengthened. Similarly, if the yen was expected to weaken, forex traders would expect the yen to go higher, indicating that the dollar could buy more yen.

Stock markets never go down in absolute terms – for one currency to go up, there will be others going down on it. All costs cannot rise at the same time. There is always a loser.

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Financial markets are important to a wide range of participants, from banks, brokers, hedge funds and financial traders who trade forex (FX). Any company that operates or has customers overseas needs to sell money. Central banks can also operate in money markets, as they seek to maintain the currency they are obligated to sell within a certain area.

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