How To Make Profit On Forex Trading

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How To Make Profit On Forex Trading – He spends hours every day searching for the best settings. Analyzing the markets, looking for price action patterns, cross-checking fundamental news, calling out support and resistance on the charts.

Eventually you will find the perfect trade. This is a beautiful triple A setup! Place your order at exactly the right time.

How To Make Profit On Forex Trading

How To Make Profit On Forex Trading

Of course not! It just started! Trade management and exit strategies are an overlooked but very important part of trading. My Trade Advisor students and I pay close attention to this because I think it’s even more important than your post.

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Actually, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Research by Chuck LeBeau and Van K. Tharp (who wrote the excellent book Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom) shows that exits have a greater impact on system results than any other factor, including money management.

Let’s say you run an experiment where you place 30 orders to two traders over the course of a month. The first trader is inexperienced and the second has been trading profitably for years.

Regardless of what the market does, there is a good chance that the first trader will have a net loss and the second a net win, even if they both started with the same trades! You only have to look at the Turtle Traders experiment to see that not all traders handle their trades the same way given the same conditions.

Trading performance depends on trade management and how to maximize profits and limit losses. But there are many reasons why this is not as easy as it sounds! Here are some examples of common reasons traders lose.

Forex Trading Examples

If you see the price move in your direction, but only see it reverse before you take profit:

Closing the position at an intermediate price level because the price is retraced and the trader gets cold:

Research has shown that our behavior in these scenarios is actually very natural. Consider this test given to children: Children are left in a room with a single marshmallow and told that if they don’t eat it, they will get two. Research has shown that people who have enough emotional control to delay eating that first marshmallow have a much better chance of winning in life.

How To Make Profit On Forex Trading

When we see a profit, our natural instinct is to grab it so it doesn’t get away. This has worked for us for thousands of years because it has proven to be useful in life. However, trading is different.

A Basic Guide To Forex Trading

As traders, we should do the exact opposite. If we want to be profitable, we have to go against our deeply held instincts and habits. We have to leave that one marshmallow on the table to make more marshmallows. Delayed gratification versus immediate gratification. Patience.

The first step is to have patience with the original trading idea. Losing traders change their mind all the time. It is extremely difficult to stick to our original plan, but I guarantee that it will lead to better results if you do.

Your trading idea can be worth a million dollars, but if you don’t set the right profit level and manage your exit strategy properly, you can end up losing.

This is because exiting a trade is not just a level or a single action, it presents you – the trader – with a multitude of different scenarios. They might get hit and turn around. The market can run over it in an instant. The price can come very close to breaking even, and then after a long and frustrating grind, it will definitely break even. You may take half of the position early and let the profits run to the other half. Or the price could range for what seems like forever and then the breakout could hit the TP. I can easily come up with 20 more scenarios of what could happen.

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Exit strategies are not simple. The strongest emotions are often related to making a profit, or to put it another way: they don’t want to lose unrealized profits. Fear of falling out. Give it back to the market. Do you feel greedy or fearful when price moves in your direction?

But one thing is certain: the market doesn’t care about you. What’s more: you have no influence on the activity of the market. What you do control, however, is how you react to what happens.

If you see the price turning against you, do you take advantage early? Do you jump out of a trade at the worst moments – when you’re at a loss? Or have you learned through experience and backtesting that backtracking happens and stays there? Maybe you keep a trading log where past trades have made it clear to you that 8 times out of 10 the price would have taken profit anyway.

How To Make Profit On Forex Trading

The most important thing is to be consistent with the above scenarios. All questions must be answered in the trading plan. You can only begin to accurately measure your trading performance if and when you are trading consistently. And you can only improve yourself and your trading performance by measuring.

Making A Profit From Forex Trading

But is it really that black and white? I prefer a more nuanced approach to profiteering, and while I totally agree with trying to minimize your losses and maximize your profits, there are multiple ways to do this. Let’s look at some strategies that can significantly improve your profitability.

The first two may be quite unusual, but I promise they will help you become a more profitable and consistent trader.

What is this exit strategy? Well, if you don’t interfere with your original trading idea, you will probably get better results.

Most traders don’t enjoy looking at charts all day. This results in worrying about price movements within the candle, while when the candle closes, the result may look completely different. If you only use the candle close, you will be less inclined to make impulsive decisions based on the movement of the middle price of the candle. This usually means better trade management and less interference with the original trade idea.

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The needle bar is a perfect example of this. Due to the nature of the pin bar, many traders at some point had to think that the price was going to move completely in one direction before making a sharp reversal in the other direction. If you wait for the candle to close, you will get a very different view of the market than what happened halfway through.

As a trader who mainly uses 4H charts, I only check my charts every 4 hours. I check my trading settings 4-5 times a day, that’s it. I’ve become a better trader since I started doing this, and as an added bonus, it leaves me plenty of time to do other things.

In addition to just using the candlestick, I set price alerts at a level that if the price crosses this level, I want to be informed or manage my trades. Again, this focuses on reducing chart time and thus reducing the amount of time I can potentially spend doubting my original trade idea.

How To Make Profit On Forex Trading

Alerts also make you think ahead at which levels you want to take action. These “what if” scenarios are a great way to determine in advance how you will handle the trade, including how you will exit the trade and where your income will be. Alerts are also great if you want to increase or decrease positions while trading. Just set an alert at the appropriate price levels and you’re done!

Forex Trading Risk Management Strategies To Incorporate Into Your Setup

I use TradingView alerts for this, but you can also set up price alerts for Metatrader 4 and there are many other options, such as the Call Levels app or websites such as AlertFX.

In my experience, you get the best results when your revenue profit levels are backed up by market data. This means that for every trade you find relevant market structure, volatility data, chart patterns or other information that supports your idea that the price is likely to move to a certain level. There are no fixed profit levels at random price points.

This level (minus a few pips for things like the spread) will be your profit level. You can achieve several things with this approach: first, since your profit level is no longer an arbitrary number, it is much more likely that price will actually move this far to test it. Second, you can determine whether the R:R (risk:reward) is worth it based on the levels guided by market data and structure, which makes more sense. A trade setup may look very good, but if there is a larger support level in the direction of taking profit, it may not be worth the risk to enter this trade for a reward of only R 0.5.

Look for support and resistance on the chart. These are often not just lines, but rather zones where prices have historically shown more activity. It is not

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