How To Get Into Penny Stock Trading


How To Get Into Penny Stock Trading – WARNING: The content of this post is for you and yours alone to profit from. Don’t share this with friends or family or you risk them obsessing over you and wanting more knowledge from you… as I have learned the hard way

…and my trading challenge students have made $50,000+ on these stocks too…and that’s all from just a few AWESOME chart setups.

How To Get Into Penny Stock Trading

How To Get Into Penny Stock Trading

Normally I would say apply to be one of my business challenge students or watch these 7 free video courses

How To Trade Penny Stocks If You’re A Working Professional

To start learning my strategy, but I figure most of you reading this are lazy and you won’t learn anyway so I have to write this post to help inspire you.

After all, I posted the best penny stock charts to trade 2 years ago and only a few of you who are confused even understand which broker to use (see the best penny stock brokers here

Heck, only 25% of my PennyStocking Silver subscribers even bother to watch ANY of my now 730+ video tutorial collection, let alone these top 30 video lessons

The fact that my students have now made $5+ million with my strategy in just a few years

How To Buy Stocks On Etoro In 2023

So yes, I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for dedicated students, check out this new tactic I’m trying to make a millionaire from scratch.

But it’s cool, I’m used to dealing with the laziest, poorest, dumbest people in the world and I’m still going to teach you…that’s why I have dozens of subscribers to my 4 newsletters who have made over $100,000 with my strategy.

Buying stocks with expected expected positive news incentives … THE SAME EXACT SETUP and trade I did in 2000 where I made $100,000+ in one weekend as a college freshman, detailed for free in Chapter 6 of my book “An American Hedge Fund”

How To Get Into Penny Stock Trading

HGSH where it was a delisting play… EXACTLY the same as HMNA’s delisting play at $3/share back in 2010

Penny Stocks: A Record Number Of Penny Stocks Are Changing Hands

And several dozen other play delistings that all went down EXACTLY the same way… yup, it’s the same laws/patterns over and over again

My biggest trading challenge my student also shorted 12,000 shares at $2.88ish and hit somewhere in the low $2s for another $8,000+ish profit to add to his $500,000 profit with my strategy

…he still hasn’t posted his trades on Profitly because as he said in an email, he’s “at a golf tournament in Jamaica” (tough life, right!)

Another one of my top students (who not coincidentally has watched ALL of my video lessons, not just once but twice) really gets it and he made $1,300 as you can see here.

How Do Penny Stocks Work? Do Affordable Trading With Sas Online By Sasonlinecompany

3. I made $7,000+ buying the Afternoon Earnings in RCON…EXACTLY as described in this blog post…and EXACTLY the same pattern as the MERU I sold the same way too early, but which my subscribers of my 4 newsletters and I did on $15,000+ as you can see here.

Where it showed a perfect morning panic…I literally have hundreds of morning panics on file, most detailed on my PennyStocking Framework DVD, but also in this blog post from September 2010…that never changes, most of you are just too lazy to get it right. broker or dare to be ready to actually shorten such a low price of pieces of crap … your loss.

…because they know the pattern and ARE ready…you’d think I’d be happy but after shouting about this pattern in hundreds of webinars, video tutorials and DVDs, it’s really sad that more of you aren’t learning enough to to actually be able to get it. P A T H E T I C . I have done everything I could and I will continue to teach because I know there are more dedicated students out there, hopefully I can reach you sooner rather than later.

How To Get Into Penny Stock Trading

5. HGSH had a sympathy play in CADC…EXACTLY like when my newsletter subscribers made the $100,000+ ration LTUM which was a sympathy play to LEXG back in April 2011 as described in this blog post.

Best Penny Stock Trading Platforms, Brokers & Apps

Less than an hour where not one but two of my chosen brokers had stocks that were too short (IB had 700,000 shares available) and one of my top students made almost $6,000 as you can see HERE penny stocks usually refer to stocks in a small business that trades for less than $5 per share. While some penny stocks trade on major exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), most trade over-the-counter (OTC) through the electronic OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB) or through the privately held OTC Markets Group.

In the past, penny stocks were considered any stock that traded for less than one dollar per share. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has changed the definition to include all stocks priced below five dollars. The SEC is an independent federal agency responsible for protecting investors by maintaining the proper and orderly functioning of these securities markets.

Penny stocks are usually associated with small companies with a lack of liquidity, meaning there are few willing buyers in the market. As a result, investors may find it difficult to sell shares as there may not be enough buyers. Due to low liquidity, investors may struggle to find prices that accurately reflect the market.

Because of their lack of liquidity, wide spreads or bids, and small company sizes, penny stocks are generally considered highly speculative. In other words, investors could lose a significant amount or all of their investment.

Best Penny Stocks India To Buy With 10x Potential 2022

Penny stocks often represent growing companies with limited cash and capital. Since these are primarily small companies, penny stocks are best suited for investors with a high risk tolerance.

Typically, penny stocks have greater volatility, which leads to greater potential for reward and thus greater risk. Investors can lose their entire investment in penny stocks, or more than their investment if they buy on margin, meaning the investor borrowed money from a bank or broker to buy the stock.

Investors should consider the increased risk associated with penny stocks. For example, an investor should have a predetermined stop order before entering a trade and know what price level to exit if the market moves against them. Stop-loss orders set price limits that, when reached, will trigger an automatic sale of the securities.

How To Get Into Penny Stock Trading

Although penny stocks can have explosive profits, it is necessary to have realistic expectations and understand that penny stocks are risky investments with low trading volume.

What Are Penny Stocks?

Because of their low volume, penny stocks tend to be more volatile than established stocks. This means great opportunities for both profit and loss, and investors should be careful to understand both the risks and rewards.

Penny stocks provide a way for some small businesses to access funding from the public. These companies could use this platform as a starting point to move into larger marketplaces.

Also, since they sell at such a low price, there’s room for significant bargains. Some companies, such as Amazon (AMZN) originated as penny stocks but later grew into significant blue-chip companies.

Blue chip is a nationally recognized, established and financially sound company. Blue chips generally sell high quality, widely recognized products and services. Blue-chip companies typically have a history of weathering downturns and operating profitably in the face of adverse economic conditions, which helps contribute to their long history of steady and reliable growth.

Best Penny Stocks Uk 2023 Guide

However, some factors increase the risk involved in investing in or trading penny stocks. These securities are usually riskier than established companies.

When considering options for potential investments, it is important to have enough information to make an informed decision. For some penny stocks, it can be very difficult to find information about company performance. When this is the case, the information available about them may not come from credible sources.

Stocks traded on the OTCBB have the suffix “OB” attached to their symbol. These companies file annual financial statements with the SEC. However, companies listed on the pink sheets are not required to file with the SEC. As such, these companies do not receive the same public scrutiny or regulation as the stocks represented on the NYSE, Nasdaq, and other markets.

How To Get Into Penny Stock Trading

Stocks on the OTCBB and pink sheets do not have to meet minimum standards to be available for sale through OTC exchanges. When a company can no longer maintain its listing status on one of the major exchanges, the company can move to one of the smaller OTC listing exchanges. Minimum standards can act as a safety cushion for some investors. When a company is not held to higher standards, investing in that company becomes much more risky.

This Indian Company With Rs 3 Stock Price Bags $5 Million Export Orders

Many of the companies that qualify as penny stocks may be newly established and some may be approaching bankruptcy. These companies will generally have a bad track record or no track record at all. As you can imagine, this lack of historical information makes it difficult to determine a stock’s potential.

Stocks that trade infrequently do not have much liquidity. As a result, investors may not be able to sell the stock once it has been purchased. Investors may have to lower prices until it is

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