From Start To Profit: Sunderland’s Guide To Forex Trading And Mining Success


From Start To Profit: Sunderland’s Guide To Forex Trading And Mining Success – The latest financial report on the income of Sunderland AFC is on 31/07/2022. Chris Weatherspoon takes us through them

The end of April has rarely been quiet at Sunderland AFC, with 2023 no exception. What was expected to be a good end to the season, instead turned into a campaign, and a potential development that even the best of us could not foresee our presence in the vision nine months ago. .

From Start To Profit: Sunderland’s Guide To Forex Trading And Mining Success

From Start To Profit: Sunderland's Guide To Forex Trading And Mining Success

While the month of April on the field has long been one of concern and confusion, the month has seen an increased focus on the field in recent years. Sunderland AFC – or, to be more precise, the company called Sunderland Limited, which ultimately owns the football club and all its assets – is required to publish its financial statements for the year of 30 April, a matter which has received much attention of late. a few years.

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So, these financial statements became public early last Friday morning. As things in the industry go, this is too late; Sunderland are the 76th out of 92 football clubs to have published their accounts for the 2021/22 season. This has the club’s annual accounting deadline of 31 July – most other clubs have a reporting date of 30 June, which coincides with the end of players’ contracts and ensures that there will be no inconsistency in circumstances.

This has always made Sunderland’s finances a bit tricky to analyze when compared to others, but the impact was particularly pronounced this season. Due to the World Cup schedule, the 2022/23 EFL season starts on the July weekend. This means these accounts not only covered all of last season in League One, but, ironically, this season’s opening day celebrations for Coventry City as well.

Whether Sunderland decide to change their reporting date to June, as many other clubs have, remains to be seen. In the meantime, we do what we can with what is available to us.

In this spirit, what follows is a detailed explanation of the club’s latest financial results, how they compare historically with other clubs (both in League One and beyond) and various observations that hope to bring out the full picture of how. Our football team is currently working.

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Sunderland made a pre-tax loss of £6m, an improvement of £3.5m on the 2021 figure, but it was still the club’s 16th year in a row of losses. 2022 is the second lowest loss in this period, although the club would have made a profit of £11.7m in 2019 if the former club had not written off £20.5m of the money they borrowed from the club to facilitate it. purchase.

In terms of pre-tax losses in relation to the club’s income, 2022 represented a significant improvement in the previous year’s horror. Sunderland’s pre-tax profit of 23% is actually higher than the club’s years in the EPL.

Sunderland’s loss was the fourth-highest loss in League One last season (four teams are still posting results at the time of writing). That said, the club has gone some way after the £12.6m loss to Ipswich Town, while the Portman Road outfit’s new owners have invested heavily in the players.

From Start To Profit: Sunderland's Guide To Forex Trading And Mining Success

Sunderland lost the most money in the division in 2021, so last year showed progress in this regard as well. However, while their (obviously) reduced losses are positive, the £6m deficit shows once again that a club of Sunderland’s size, with the infrastructure it boasts, cannot survive in the third tier of football. England is not.

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On an operating (regular) basis, Sunderland lost £5.1m. With the exception of the years when the club received parachute payments, this is common for the club (and for many others too), and last year it was easy in the recent way.

Only one League One club – the reinstated Crewe Alexandra – made an operating profit in 2021/22, and Sunderland’s loss in this regard was ‘only’ the sixth worst in the division.

This loss of £5.1m is also less than the loss of employment seen in the Championship, due to the lower wages paid by clubs in the second tier in the hope of progressing to the promised land of the EPL.

Reduce Sunderland’s losses in 2022 due to the club’s rising revenues, as fans return to the stadium with the end of the Covid-19 lockdown. The turnover of £26.1m represented a 161% increase on 2021 – but was still £100m below the club’s record in 2017 (the year the club returned to the top, rarely).

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That Sunderland can offer the highest income of all time in a season that has lost so much shows the huge wealth gap in modern football. The club’s income has dropped by 79 percent in just five years.

Sunderland have the highest income in League One, well ahead of second-placed Ipswich Town (£14.4m). These two make up the top two in the second round in 2021 as well, although the gap is narrow. Then, Sunderland’s £10.7m income exceeds Ipswich’s by just £2.6m, compared to the £11.7m difference in 2022.

Apart from recently relegated Rotherham United, all League One clubs improved their income in 2022, but Sunderland’s increase was higher than the others, reflecting the size of the club’s supporters. A look at the year-on-year change in revenue for those League One clubs that declare revenue shows the impact the virus has had on club finances.

From Start To Profit: Sunderland's Guide To Forex Trading And Mining Success

(Note: Wigan Athletic’s 2021 figures only apply from January to June, as the club was previously in administration.)

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For the first time in a while, broadcast income does not make up the bulk of Sunderland’s earnings. The share of broadcast revenue is 12% in 2022, reflecting the low distribution of TV in League One. The club is more dependent on matchday (36%) and commercial income (44%) than it has been for nearly two decades.

Sunderland received slightly less broadcasting income in 2021 than most League One clubs, while the club received a large share from the EFL to offset gate receipts lost to Covid (Portsmouth were the beneficiaries such).

Without this extra support, TV revenue fell to £3.2m, even with the play-off win and the first televised game in the Championship falling within the accounting period.

A look at the club’s 10-year broadcast record shows how, in some ways, Sunderland have missed the boat; The club enjoyed just one year of the EPL TV rights deal which covered 2016-19, and the amount distributed to the top clubs has only increased since then.

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Back today, Sunderland still enjoyed the second-highest TV revenue in League One last year, but the figure was so small that the income divide between top and bottom wasn’t as wide as in the EPL, where, among other things, clubs are awarded income based on merit. No such system exists in the EFL, although this is expected to change in the future.

With TV revenue falling, Sunderland’s fan base has become more important than ever. The club benefited from the post-lockout boom, selling 24,713 tickets in League One. This helped generate a gate receipt of £9.5 million, which was a higher figure than the club’s previous record in the EPL.

Similarly, SAFC’s match day revenue was the highest in the division. It is also the fourth highest in League One history, only surpassed (twice) by Leeds United and Southampton when they topped the group more than a decade ago.

From Start To Profit: Sunderland's Guide To Forex Trading And Mining Success

Sunderland’s £9.5 million was also the highest matchday fee of any club in the Champions League last year. Overall, Sunderland had the 19th highest attendance in England last year behind the league’s 13th highest average attendance (30,847). That underlines two things: the team’s strong support base despite its low status relative to the past, and the difficulty of generating large amounts of money from fans in the lower leagues.

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Somewhat surprisingly given the poor performances that have angered many fans over the past two years, Sunderland’s turnover has also risen to £11.5m.

This is due to £8m of meetings, parties and revenue, which is again a higher figure than the club reported in the last EPL season.

Other aspects of business financing are more relevant to the fans’ lifestyles. Business and trade have improved by around a third, but are still lower than they were in 2019, in no small part due to the reduced opening hours offered by club shops throughout 2021/22.

Meanwhile, sponsorship and royalties have dwindled, as the club has retained the Annual General Savings Association (GAS) as its main shirt sponsor for the second year running. The club’s tumble out of the EPL is particularly evident here, with sponsorship deals falling off the cliff after falling in 2017. GAS has been replaced by Spreadex for now and after two seasons.

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In addition, Sunderland topped the revenue table for commercial income, recording more than double that of Ipswich Town. As the club has been criticized for its business practices, the 2022 figures represent a good result for a League One club.

One of the things that contributed was to return to the music scene, as Ed Sheeran and Elton John played in three combinations.

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