Achieving Easy Money In Sunderland: Forex Trading And Mining Roadmap


Achieving Easy Money In Sunderland: Forex Trading And Mining Roadmap – Market manipulation has caused the loss of many traders. But some smart and proactive traders trade with this manipulation and grow their small accounts with smart money. If you know how the market behaves, you can easily identify the possible area of ‚Äč‚Äčmanipulation to take advantage of.

The institutional candle is an excellent concept for pure price action trading. It is a powerful and independent forex trading strategy followed by many price action traders.

Achieving Easy Money In Sunderland: Forex Trading And Mining Roadmap

Achieving Easy Money In Sunderland: Forex Trading And Mining Roadmap

The institutional candle is the last closing single candle or multiple candles before a strong directional change. Therefore, late buy or sell candles with one or more candlesticks that run out of liquidity before going in the intended direction are called institutional candles. It means that institutions sell before they buy and buy before they sell. That’s why the institutional candle is also called ‘Bankers’ Candles’. It is one of the most popular smart money forex trading concepts.

Reasons Forex Trading Is A Great Investment Idea

Basically, it is the manipulation stage or complex area where large banks and institutions manipulate the liquidity market. You can easily identify this institutional candlestick pattern in charts with your naked eye. You don’t need any institutional candlestick indicator to look for it.

When there is a buyer, there must be a seller. So, there has to be someone on the other side to take the trade. That is why the market movements and the institutional candle come to play as a smart money fishing worm to hold the liquidity.

Generally, the stop loss is placed above the swing high (For a sell order) and below the swing low (For a buy order). When institutions, big banks want to sell, they need buyers. Right? So they break the high immediately with a big bullish candle with little or no wick. You might see one large candle being pushed in 4H, but multiple candles push in the 15M or 5M time frame. Remember, in institutional candle formation, the number of candles is not important. It can be one or more. The key is the secret of the candle or pressure; that is running out of liquidity.

However, it is this pressure, placed above the high, that triggers the early sellers’ stop losses. We know that the buy stop orders are the seller’s stop losses. Moreover, separate traders’ buy stops are above the high as well. He also deliberately triggered their buy-stop orders. Institutions then take all the unwilling & willing buy orders as liquidity, and their intended bearish market movement has begun.

Forex Trading Strategies With Examples

The same situation occurs in the bullish movement. price breaks the immediate low / support with a large bearish candle with little or no wick. It can be multiple candles as well. Stop losses of early buyers placed below the low/minor SR line/support are triggered. We know that the sell stop orders are the buyer’s stop losses. Moreover, there are also separate traders’ sell stop orders below the support, which is also encouraged. Institutions then take all the willing and unwilling sell orders as liquidity, and their intended upward market movement has begun.

Therefore, the agenda of the institutional candle is to achieve the liquidity above or below the immediate SR line.

So, when the price comes back to the zone, they close the order with a small loss or break even. As they soften their position, they are the best place to trade and make some profit along with smart money.

Achieving Easy Money In Sunderland: Forex Trading And Mining Roadmap

An institutional candle helps you determine order flow and market structure. It is also a popular entry strategy. A dominant trading setup can be placed after the last push up or down close candle; which is also an important strategy followed by many traders. In reality, an institutional candle forms a swing high or a swing low. Therefore, the market never broke below the last closing candles in the bullish market and never broke above the last closing candles during the bearish trend.

How To Be Successful In Forex Trading

First of all, you have to mark up your major swing points that form the institutional candle. Remember, in the upward momentum market last down close candles are respected, and last close candles that the bearish trend market is respected. In the consolidation period, both types of institutional candles are considered.

You can execute a trade anywhere within the institutional candles. But traders prefer to enter either at the opening price of institutional candles or 50% of the pressure. So you can trade within fib1 to fib0.50. This is your tradable zone. I prefer to trade an additional 50% of the tradable zone. Your own Council. But your stop loss should be placed above the institutional candles for the sell orders and below the institutional candles close to the buy orders. You could place your SL above or below the body or pulse of the institutional candle. I prefer to place my SL above or below the wick. This is the best and safest place for your stop loss.

If you trade at 50% of the institutional candle, you may lose some of your entries. Because the price never always returns to the 50% level. But if your market execution order or your pending order is executed at the 50% level, you will get a better risk reward ratio.

TP should be placed at the next trouble zone, the next low/high zone, SR, SnD, equal or triple minimums with liquidity to drive the market in the opposite direction. You can also take your profit by analyzing the higher time frame. I think the win rate is more important than the big risk-reward ratio. Therefore, you should cut back expectations and put your TP in a specific, logical way. area and be consistent on it. Always try to find the smallest possible stop loss to maximize your reward.

The Stages Of A Forex Trend

I have placed one sell limit on the opening price of the institutional candle. Another selling limit is set at 50% of the tradable zone. Their TPs are the same.

When looking at the chart for institutional candles, pay extra attention to the body of the candles, not to wicks. Most of the volume is held by the body. Big ballers are trading there. Wicks are not as important as retail traders trading there. You can switch to the intradingview line chart to get a clear view of the market.

Therefore, you have to identify equal low, equal high, or SR levels, where manipulation can occur, and the institutional candles can form. Then you have to mark the candle. It could be one candle in the higher time frame and multiple candles in the lower time frame.

Achieving Easy Money In Sunderland: Forex Trading And Mining Roadmap

Now you know how to see smart money movement. An institutional candle is an advanced price action trading concept. You should test this strategy in your demo account first. When you get positive results you should implement it in your live account.

Day Trading Trade Log For 2023 (excel) Download

You can watch the playlist below to better understand the institutional order flow, institutional candle, liquidity void etc. A forex trader can create a simple trading strategy to take advantage of trading opportunities using just a few moving averages (MAs) or related indicators. MAs are primarily used as trend indicators and also identify support and resistance levels. The two most common LMs are the simple moving average (SMA), which is the average price over several time periods, and the exponential moving average (EMA), which gives more weight to the most recent prices. These two build the basic structure of the Forex trading strategies below.

This moving average trading strategy uses the EMA, as this type of average is designed to respond quickly to price changes. Here are the strategy steps.

Forex traders often use short-term MA crossover long-term MA as the basis of their trading strategy. Play with different MA lengths or time frames to find out which one works best for you.

Moving average hedges are hedges based on a percentage set above and below a moving average. The type of moving average that is set as the basis for the envelopes varies, so forex traders can use simple, exponential or weighted MA.

How And When To Buy Or Sell In Forex Trading

Forex traders should test different percentages, time intervals, and currency pairs to understand how they can best use a hedging strategy. It is common to see covers over periods of 10 to 100 days and to use “bands” that have a distance from the moving average of between 1-10% for daily charts.

If day trading, the covers will often be much less than 1%. On the one minute chart below, the MA length is 20 and the coverage is 0.05%. Settings, especially the percentage, may need to be changed from day to day depending on volatility. Use setups that align the strategy below with the day’s price action.

Ideally, trade only when there is a strong overall directional bias with the price. Then, most traders just trade in that direction. If the price is going up, consider buying as soon as the price approaches the middle band (MA) and then starts to take off. In a strong downtrend, consider shorting when the price approaches the mid-band and then starts to fall away from it.

Achieving Easy Money In Sunderland: Forex Trading And Mining Roadmap

As soon as a short is taken, place one stop-loss pip above the swing high that just formed. Once in a while

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